Which Is The Best Flight Simulator Game. Proflightsimulator or FlightProSim

Which Is The Best Flight Simulator Game. Proflightsimulator or FlightProSim

Being a very active member of the the flight simulator network, part of what I do is reviewing simulator games. Here am going to review 2 of the most popular ones, ProflightSimulator and FlightProSim.

Though at first glance, the 2 flight simulator games may seen similar, they are actually miles apart.

I found ProflightSimulator to be a far better game than FlightProSim in my honest opinion, and here are the reasons why. Also be sure to check out the 4 GREAT FREE BONUSES that come with ProFlightSimulator at the end of this review.

1. BETTER HARDWARE COMPATABILITY:- ProFlightSimulator comes with a very easy way to configure and use most of the joysticks we have in the market. With a few simple steps, you can get your joystick working. I found that it was difficult and frustrating to get my joystick working with FlightProSim and I had to go buy a new one that was compatible.

2. UPDATES:- I got my first update after less than a month after I bought Pro Flight Simulator. This update had 10 more aircrafts to play and more than 50 scenery packs. Pro Flight sim offers more updates than Flight pro sim, and for this reason alone its value is much higher. These updates actually give you the feeling that you have a new game and it is impossible to get bored. To many more planes to fly.

3. TUTORIALS:- The video tutorials that come with ProFlightSimulator are easy to follow, to the point and very educative. You learn how to play the game properly even if you have never played a flight simulator game before. Flight Pro Sim does not have this feature in such depth. ProFlightSim also comes with super guides that you can refer to any time during your flight.

4. CUSTOM LAUNCHER and SYSTEM COMPATABILITY:- ProFlightSimulator supports more operating systems and hardware configurations than FlightProSim. This means that you are less likely to have any software or hardware problems with ProFlightSimulator.

To conclude, whatever you are looking for in a flight simulator, be it reliabilty, better value for money or simply a better gaming experience, you are better off getting ProFlightSimulator. Be Sure to get the 4 GREAT FREE BONUSES that make a really good deal a fantastic deal.

Download Pro Flight Simulator and get the 4 GREAT FREE BONUSES.

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