Web Design For a Wedding Video Firm

Web Design For a Wedding Video Firm

If you are a company in the wedding video industry, you will need a website that properly reflects your business message.

A wedding videography company that breaks the mould when it comes to wedding videos by providing video, shot by friends and edited by some of the best in the business needs a unique website.

These kinds of businesses are currently growing at a fast rate and require a new online presence to raise their game against the competition and to firmly establish themselves as the industry leader for shoot it yourself videos.

Such brands have moved in to new sectors since exposure on reality television programmes like Dragons’ Den and any new website needs to provide a more grown up look and feel appropriate to these area, while remaining true to the fun and engaging values that are at the brands core.

The website should be designing in line with the new brand assets being developed, with clear and simple access to information about the company, how it works, its products, as well as giving easy access to examples of previous work in all the areas of business.

The key function of the new website design will be to provide quick and easy access to all the product area, alongside a fun and engaging online presence that reinforces the brand, with the primary aim of getting people to pick up the phone and discuss the project or to book there and then online.

Key Deliverables

The proposed website design will need to perform the following key deliverables:

• Be designed in line with new brand assets
• Show a return on investment through increased enquiries from companies investigating the firm online
• Reflect the character and personality of the brand
• Provide a high-end, fun, yet professional look at fell appropriate to the market
• Full Content Management System allowing for the updating of onsite copy and imagery and most importantly video content.
• A password protected customer profile area giving users access to online tutorials, and their own online videos.
• A gift list function.
• A searchable database of customers, searchable from the back end database, complete with details of purchased packages etc.
• Consistent update of Blog design.
• Integration and implementation to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn via regular news feeds and updates • Installation of Google Analytics for tracing of visitor behaviour • On-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Cross-browser and device compatibility (PC, Tablet and Smartphone) with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) compliance

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