Ways to Effectively Teach Yourself to Play Golf

Ways to Effectively Teach Yourself to Play Golf

Golf is an exciting game to play, which is why more and more individuals find themselves learning how to play it. If you are one of the individuals who struggles to understand and level up in the golf sport, here are ways to, effectively, teach yourself to play the game.

Read Golf Books

One of the things you can do to learn to play golf is by reading the instructional books. This type of books basically includes a detailed explanation of the rules as well as discusses some techniques that help players play better than their competitors. Amazon.com has a long list of golf learning books available in a hardcover and Kindle edition, authored by professional golfers themselves who are generous enough to share all their strategies in a book. You can also visit bookstores in your area for these materials.

Visit Golf Websites

If you like free golf tutorials, you can find most of them online in a form of a website. Most golf enthusiasts maintain their own blog or website discussing and sharing things about their favorite sport. GolfingValley.com, for instance, shares a lot of things about golf that can help a beginner improve his understanding and skill.

Another type of golf websites is the forums where members exchange experiences and share tips and tricks about the sport. This is one of the most useful tools you can use whenever you have some questions which answers couldn’t be found from the existing resources you have. You can simply fire up a new thread about it and wait for other generous members to offer you answer.

Watch Instructional Videos

Some people learn things effectively when it is by actions. If you are one of these individuals, then watching instructional videos about golf would be perfect for you. Don’t worry about paying or finding these videos as a lot of them are already on YouTube and other video sharing websites. All you have to do is to search the topic you want to learn about the sport. For instance, if you want to have a swing like Rory McIlroy’s, user 4golfonline has the video about it on his YouTube channel.

Watch Golf Tournaments

You can also follow every golf tournament on TV like how the basketball fans are so crazy about watching every game of NBA championships. Besides the excitement, watching tournaments is one of the great ways to pick up techniques from the pros, like Tiger Woods. This can happen during their plays, so pay attention while they are working on their shots. Or, when they are interviewed, so listen carefully to their commentaries.

Accompany Your Friends

How would you like seeing other people play golf in person? When you accompany your friends to a golf session, you could, as a beginner, realize a lot of things, including how exactly the sport is played with a considerably heavy club and a hard ball, how far it is that you need to throw the ball, and the exact posture your body needs to be in order to swing with accuracy. And you could ask questions to your friends right then and there.

Rent Golf Clubs and Practice

Of course, it is not enough to, just, read the books, visit websites, watch instructional videos, catch tournaments on TV for pro tips and accompany your friends to a golf vacation. You need to put all those that you’ve learned in action by playing a practice game. Don’t worry if you don’t own a club already because there are golf shops leasing clubs for someone who can’t buy his own just yet. And this is also a perfect way to find clubs that fit the measurements and skill you have. Practice makes it perfect, and it’s true. But the more important is that practice makes the things you learned permanent in you. Don’t forget to bring a golf buddy with you, so you have someone to correct you while you play. Also, practice as often as you can, and don’t forget to, always, challenge yourself by shifting to different courses and advancing your skills once you are done with the basics.

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