The Cool Online Feature Of The PSP Gaming Device

The Cool Online Feature Of The PSP Gaming Device

When Playstation Portable was introduced into the market by Sony, there were a lot of feedbacks that it will never surpass the old timer hand held devices. However, PSP creators have taken this as a challenge and has now made PSP as the hand-held gaming device of choice of most of avid portable game players in the market.

How were they able to do that? Simple. Sony listened to what the user’s want and they gave it to them. PSP has now completely revolutionized hand-held gaming by adding cool features like the easy internet and computer connectivity. This simple feature has paved the way for a more custom gaming which most PSP users who know their way through the internet were able to maximize.

We all know that whatever gadget you have that can be connected to a PC and know your way through the ins and outs of the web, then you can be assured that such a gadget will give you more mileage. Thus, the emergence of websites that give out support and tutorials for PSP users on how to get that extra mileage from their games and this also paved the way for a lot of controversies about the legality of these support sites.

PSP fanatics have developed their own websites and offered free support, tutorials and downloads to other PSP lovers. PSP games, music and movies were readily available online through them. However, because they are free, they lacked the resources of technology to protect their website from malicious spyware and viruses.

Since they are free, the sites cannot be closely monitored and maintained. They do not have the resources of keeping up with technology and they do not have the same caliber of security as the paid sites. This increased the chances of downloading corrupted games, music and other files and sometimes they carry spywares in the files that eventually infects the end user’s system.

Most of these sites have now been forced to shutdown but there still remains some credible websites that were able to keep up with technology and the anti-virus issues. However, most of these are for members only, which means that you will have to pay a small fee to be able to get access to their resources and tutorials online.

Although these sites have upgraded their technology, and continued to offer downloads for PSP fans, the question of their legality still remain. PSP sites are not the only one in question, this includes Zune, ipod and other gadgets with the same capabilities. However, the controversy has not stopped avid gamers to subscribe to these websites.

Even though the controversy about the legality of these membership sites have surrounded it for years, they still managed to stay online. This is primarily because of the millions of PSP gamers who wants to take advantage of this kind of service. And nobody amongst the members questions the legality as long as they get all the games and movies that their little greedy hands can get into. Tell me, would you?

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