PS3 Troubleshooting – How to fix a ps3 ylod error

PS3 Troubleshooting – How to fix a ps3 ylod error

If you are trying to find out how to fix a playstation 3 yellow light of death error then you are in the right place. Below are some of the best fixes for the issue. Many of them can be fixed at home almost immediately.

Firstly unplug the console from the wall. Sometimes something as simple as a power surge will cause the YLOD. Leave it a few minutes then turn it back on. It is also good idea to try it in a different outlet, if only to eliminate that as a potential cause. You would be shocked to discover how many can actually fix this particular playstation problem like this.

Next up is to check the machine for signs of overheating. If it is you need to cool it down. Turn your console off for about an hour and see if this has helped, if not place your console near a fan. It may be a good idea to purchase an external fan for the ps3 just to assist the internal one. Check the vents on your game system for dust, make sure that air can circulate freely in an out of the console.

The next thing to try is removing the hard drive. Please ensure that your console is switched off first. This is a really straightforward procedure, with many good video tutorials online you should have no problem doing this. However you may have to do it a couple of times.

If none of the above have worked then it indicates there is an issue with your motherboard. It can still be fixed, you have two options left open to you now.

Option one is to send your Playstation 3 back to Sony. If your console is within its warranty they will not charge you for it to be repaired, however if it is not they will charge in the region of $ 150. The whole repair process takes about six weeks and at the end of that they may even only send you back a refurbished console that isn’t yours. Unless you back up your hard drive then you will probably lose all your data, game saves and music, as they wipe the hard drive.

If you cannot wait that long or don’t have $ 150 to give away them this next option may be the one for you. DIY. A bold statement but very possible, why pay and lose your console for six weeks when you can do it at home and have your PS3 running again in about an hour. One thing to remember is use a repair guide, don’t try to take your machine apart without knowing what you are doing or you may just make the problem worse.

Should you be looking for a good repair manual Rob Sheffield’s ps3 light fix is an excellent
one. Rob has been fixing PS3s for about four years and he describes the same methods that Sony use to fix your console. He explains in a simple step by step way how to carry out the repair. There are also videos that go along with the instructions so you really cannot go wrong.

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