ProFlightSimulator Review Take Flight With This Amazing Flight Simulator

ProFlightSimulator Review Take Flight With This Amazing Flight Simulator

I am fortunate enough to be a member of a network that gives me the opportunity to review some of the top flight simulator games on the market. Two of the top sims available right now are ProFlightSimulator and FlightProSim. They both seem pretty amazing and quite similar, so I set out to test them both. A side by side comparison if you will.

After all, it is usually wise to find out the plusses and minuses of a product before you go for it. I created a review of ProFlightSimulator and FlightSimPro.

What were my results? ProFlightSimulator is hands down the superior product when compared to FlightProSim. Let’s look at the reasons why…


I tested both games on multiple computers. Pro Flight Simulator had a smoother start up on all 5 computers. FlightProSim was not compatible with 60% of my configurations. In fact, I found the game play laggy and there were problems with it causing some computers to crash.

Pro Flight Simulator, on the other hand, ran smoothly on each PC. Even my older PC was able to play the game smoothly.


I was impressed when I had an update in less than a month’s time of purchasing ProFlightSim. In fact, they offer monthly updates which will keep the game play smooth and exciting. I haven’t found another flight sim that offers this kind of updating capability.

ProFlightSim is going to release 10 more aircrafts that you will be able to play and over 50 new scenery packs in upcoming updates. There is so much value in this product that just isn’t there in FlightProSim.


Let’s face it… flight sims are complex games. There is a little more to it than plug and play. I was really confused when I tried FlightProSim. I had to spend extra time on the search engines finding out how to play. This really detracts from playability.

Pro Flight Simulator offers step-by-step video tutorials that will have you flying in no time. There is also an illustrated guide that has over 100 pages. I found this really useful when looking for tips while in-flight.


I use a few different joysticks, but mostly a Saitek and Logitech are my primaries. Pro Flight Simulator handled both with no problem. The game has a nifty joystick configuration option section so you can sync pretty much any piece of hardware with it. Pretty cool option. Flight Pro Sim required a little more work to get my joysticks working, but in the end I made it work.


ProFlightSimulator is hands down the more superior game. It provides the best value of any flight sim on the market because of the monthly updates. You will find fewer system compatibility issues with this sim than others on the market. And there are also 4 special bonuses you can read about by clicking the link below.

What next? Click here to visit the official site of ProFlightSimulator and download the most realistic flight simulator game today.

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