Mystery Mania will Spook You and Your iPhone

Mystery Mania will Spook You and Your iPhone

We’ve stumbled upon a little gem of an iPhone game. Mystery Mania, adds heart to any iDevice with its deserted mansion, 27 riddle-tastic rooms, and amnesia-suffering robot. Being released on EA’s mobile site a few months ago, Mystery Mania has arrived for the iPhone and iPod touch in full finger tapping glory. You’ll have at least a couple hours of fun with this great game.

Supporting the entire game is its hero F8. Awaking from a deep sleep, F8 realizes he’s lost his memory. So it’s up to you to help F8 discover his past by exploring the mansion that is his world. Every room has a secret that must be unlocked. Clues can be pieced together is a certain order to unlock the mystery. Some rooms have multiple exits that must be discovered in order to progress to other rooms. Mystery Mania truly grants an endearing experience. We found ourselves falling in love with F8. He’s up for anything and will obey your every command. Sometimes, this leads him to a sudden electrocution or dog bite, but F8’s always ready for more action.

In Mystery Mania, you won’t find much in the way of tutorials or instructions. But that is part of the game’s charm. The sole method to help F8 solve each riddle is simply by using logic. Items are placed around each level. Use some objects in certain sequences to activate others. For instance, a candle on the wall can light a burner on a table. Chemicals can then, and only then, be combined in a vessel atop the burner. Make F8 drink the resulting potion and watch what happens. The process of solving the mini mysteries can be tricky at times. But we found ourselves solving them after a few attempts. The key is to be observant. Study the room to recognize some hints EA has thrown in.

When we first saw Mystery Mania, it reminded us of a flash cartoon you might find online. Colors are bright and attractive, but the sets felt slightly flat. The visuals aren’t anything special. A spoken dialogue is missing from the game, so F8 and his acquaintances communicate through signboards that appear when talking commences. But, EA has provided a cool eerie score that fits nicely with the whole mood of the game. Now, if you are enveloped in gameplay and receive a phone call, Mystery Mania will save your progress so that you can return to the same spot later.

If you’re the type that enjoys being stumped, surprised, and gratified, Mystery Mania will tickle your pallet. It has all the ingredients of a classic who-done-it rolled into a clever iPhone game playable at any time, for any length of time. EA’s presently offering the game on the App Store for $ 3.99. We only wish the story of F8 wasn’t unraveled so quickly. Hopefully, we’ll see EA adding levels in an update or sequel soon. Time will tell. But that is a mystery we’re eagerly waiting to unfold.

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