Mario Luigi: Dream Team Analysis

Mario Luigi: Dream Team Analysis

Not always, but many times I associated a videogame at a particular time of year. I can easily list a dozen games that I associate with the winter cold, rainy nights to fall or light imanada the summer. I do not always happen, but it happened again with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., the Role Playing Game of AlphaDream which was released exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. The further into the adventure, the more I associated the morning, beach in the afternoon and the terrace of sultry nights spent in a garden nailed back to the grass.

This is not just my association because we are going through the pin of the summer, but because the whole atmosphere of the game allows it. The story invites Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad a visit to the Island Pillow, spot formerly inhabited by friendly creatures homonymous name of the island. However, as good stories do not have only one side at any given time, Antasma, the antagonist of service, thought it was time to shake the narrative and not only ended the Island Pillow, and still had time to close in Princess Peach World of Dreams. However, the agenda has only one goal. It is true that they will have to rescue Peach, but is no less true that the player also competes prevent Antasma Bowser and remain in the possession of Dream Stone, an artifact that grants its owner whatever he desired, which in the hands of this dual easily translates the control of the world.

Although the story does not break any mold Bros Dream Team. ensures that the player gets to the end, mainly used for the mechanical counting. Few lines of dialogue that are not well structured, and there are few jokes that do not work. The producer was not afraid to resort to humor to give a colorful charismatic to the plot and gave up pretty well, especially because the jokes and humorous situations flow very well and rarely transpire the feeling that were imposed on the player. With the evolution of these situations, I felt that the humor does not work for me, worked with me, wrapping me in virtually all situations that would be required.

I assume that someone in the middle of a meeting of producers have begun to pursue a line of thought similar to other entries in the series and continued the tradition of responding in practice this theoretical question: Why settle for a world where we can have two? If this was the case, that person is responsible for one of the most wholesome game. The explanation is relatively simple: occasionally, find Luigi special pillows that serve as gateways to the World of Dreams. As these sections of the game goes on within the mind of Luigi, common sense is no longer a necessary and was given free rein to the imagination of the producers. The result is inspired moments that serve as baton to the rhythm of the game, providing the necessary escape to the gameplay never gets stagnant. These dreams are the manufacture of the mind of Luigi makes the real world and, as happens to ordinary mortals, this is usually synonymous with a misrepresentation of reality. While sleeping Luigi, Mario explores his mind in two dimensions, battling creatures that inhabit the dreams of Luigi with the help of his own, or rather an alternative representation capable of some extraordinary things, for instance, take the form of some objects or able to strengthen the attack with hundreds of Luigi Mario. Whenever the brother green jumpsuit dreams, you can see your face on the touch screen and this is not just a mere arrangement graph. Some of these mechanical force the player to interact with the secondary screen, for example, touching the mustache Luigi to give him a precious help.

But do not think that the scenes of confrontation only exist in the mind of Luigi. Over time, the battle system becomes more complex, however, the common thread remains intuitive and accessible throughout the adventure. Is assigned to the A button and B button Mario Luigi, or independently controlling each character, even if the cooperation between the two is crucial. No need to spend a lot for this principle to be internalized, because the game takes time with tutorials and situations famously placed in the game for the player to feel the pulse of the mechanics, which means that when they exceed the latest lessons given already in During the clashes, your brain – and your fingers – longer cope without major difficulties with this rule. Furthermore, even if the theory may seem something butchers the pace of the game, actually never been obstructive.

Despite the fighting being by turns, the player never gets to be relegated to the background by choosing attacks, since it is always called to intervene actively participating in the timing of almost all attacks, which makes up more meetings time consumers never come to cause many yawns. And as “the best offense is defense” Dream Team Bros. ensures that the onslaught of enemies can be refuted by the player, giving you the opportunity almost always fair dodge. Anyway, the game strives to the maximum so that the player never enter in “autopilot” and this reap their dividends.

After spending a few hours with the game, the feeling that I got is that we have a unified blend of various genres. Instead of making the transition between aspects Role Playing, platforms and even rhythmic, the AlphaDream excelled to the player to experience them all without realizing it consciously, instead, we have a collage that has the variety of gameplay the result that the producer certainly intended. When not to ramble through the mind of Luigi or determined in fighting will be to explore the scenery of the game that is not only rich in detail as varied as enough. Over time, some skills are being assigned to the characters that allow taking exploration to the next level, namely a hammer to leave stones and ativerem switches, Mario can transform from a mole that is on a soft surface. How Luigi gives you with the hammer on the head in an act of fraternity among brothers. Finally, Mario can still reduce your size if you are on a hard surface. How? Luigi gives you with the hammer.

If we are dealing with a work graphically varied and full of stunning detail, sonically the game does not disappoint. The numerous issues that will accompany you during the trip are charismatic and turn out to be a love letter written by the AlphaDream Nintendo itself, invoking nostalgic contours and providing an environment that helps make this game a memorable stay.

No. The answer is no, not me I decided to translate my own pleasure the name of the island to Pillow. Nintendo has done a commendable job in location for Portuguese. Incidentally, here have been several examples given of the effort that the producer is doing in this regard, however, we are talking of a Role Playing Game of a colossal scale, which commendation still happening. The most notable is that humor I mentioned in the first paragraphs of this analysis is not lost in translation, which will serve to reassure those who think that when they start the game in Portuguese will lose the funny situations.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. is easily recommended to all that they have a Nintendo 3DS, for the fourth entry in the saga “Mario & Luigi”, a series that began in the GameBoy Advance is in great shape, possibly in the best shape ever. I started this review by stating that I associate this game to summer, however, I believe that many players will eventually associate with the summer of 2013 as one of the best games released in the season.

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