Internet Video – The Evolution From Silly Dogs To Informative Golf Videos

Internet Video – The Evolution From Silly Dogs To Informative Golf Videos

Watching a video online, it’s a funny little gimmick. Just playing a video online has become a subject of ridicule. No thanks to the internet, typical internet causing problems, as the notion of a dog falling down a slide was comparatively fresh before certain user driven internet video sites came into play. Now we’ve come to the point where that’s almost the main thing the internet is associated with, silly and pointless little videos that engage you on no level apart from giving a sense of shameful joy as you watch a fat person’s chair give way or an old lady falling over whilst dancing at a wedding and showing her bloomers. But there is another side, it’s not the most popular side – but it’s a hell of a lot more useful.

Internet video can be immensely engaging, informative, witty, thoughtful and have an impact on you beyond a cheap laugh. You can learn, discuss, philosophise and enhance your mind through internet video with a bit more of a dense subject matter. The educational aspect of internet video is fascinating; video is a very engaging platform so it is perhaps natural that there is scope for using it as a tool of education.

Let’s have a little think about tutorial videos for example, if you’re a keen sportsman and looking to improve your game then you need all the tips you can get. Such tips are much better put across, in terms of efficiency and detail, than text based information – this much should be obvious. It’s probably not beyond any stretch of the imagination to say that nobody has learnt how to improve their golf swing by reading a book – at least not very much. It’s almost like learning to dance by reading a book, you just need to see and feel the subtle rhythms and basic mechanics of the dance and video is a great way to achieve that.

The benefit of using video tutorials on the web is that there is a large audience, and you can create very specific videos for that audience with a very low budget – as there are virtually no costs for the broadcasts and they can be filmed digitally. This makes it a very appealing medium for those looking to spread their knowledge and engage actively with their users. If, staying with golf, you can improve a persons game with a visually interesting and engaging video – they will come back to learn more another time, so it’s really a lot more of a reliable return of visits. Much more so than a funny dog video followed by ten not so funny ones.

It’s impossible to control how things go viral; you just can’t guarantee it will happen. Informative and educational videos are much more reliable, giving a steady stream of views from loyal viewers – not just a million views from fickle viewers. All the signs point to dense and informative videos as being superior, for the viewer and creator. We’ve got to a point where internet video is changing, and all I can say is – let’s change it for the better.

Jeffrey Nevil writes on a number of subjects including golf videos. To read more information about golf videos see

Jeffrey Nevil writes on a number of subjects including golf videos.

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