Improve Your Left-Handed Golf Game

Improve Your Left-Handed Golf Game

Left-handed players may feel there are at a disadvantage when it comes to the game of golf. However, they should realize that this is not the case. The sport of golf was created for anyone, no matter of which hand dominates their activities. It may be somewhat different to play left-handed, but it can easily be done.

One of the problems commonly encountered by lefties is that they try to play as though they were right-handed. They may try to use right-handed gloves, and grip the club as though they were right hand dominant. Why would someone do this? Many players do this simply because there is a vast selection of right-handed golf clubs, and relatively fewer options for left-handed clubs. But, if you are willing to take the time browsing the Internet or frequent pro golf shops, you can find a set of left-handed golf clubs to fit your needs.

After you’ve obtained the right golf clubs, you’ll need to make sure your grip is correct. You may find that you’ve been instructed to put your right hand below your left, but this technique only applies to right-handed players. Left handed players need to reverse the order of their hands to place the dominant left hand on the bottom. Maintain a firm hold on the club as you swing; otherwise, you risk slicing the ball each time you take a swing.

Keeping your shot aligned with the flag is another important factor when it comes to making a good shot. Aligning yourself with the flag will guide the ball right where you want it to travel. While you may have super strength, speed, and accuracy, none of these will make a difference unless you drive the ball in the right direction.

Have patience in your swing, especially when you bring the club head down to meet the ball. Rearing back to hit is ball is easy, but some people get too anxious about making contact that they allow their arms to control the swing rather than moving their entire body. This disturbs your accuracy, and is likely to cause a slice. Do not focus on arm strength, but rather allow your arms to flow naturally as the hips turn on the downswing.

It may be beneficial to you to take a few golfing lessons when you are just starting out in the game. Learning the correct way of doing things early on will prevent you from having to break bad habits later. These lessons should be instructed by a left-handed golfer, so you can always see the correct way for you to do things. Watching someone who is right-handed is like to confuse you, as you will be doing everything the opposite way.

If you have trouble locating a left-handed pro, you could turn to the internet for online golf tutorials. Videos are easy to follow, as you are free to work at your own pace. Some online golf programs come with email consultation, so you can be in touch with a professional golfer if you find it difficult to master a skill.

Golfing doesn’t have to be difficult for left-handed players. While it’s true that most players are right hand dominant, there is still a place for left-handers on the green. The proper equipment is available so that lefties can compete equally with their right-handed counterparts. A beginning left-handed golfer can reduce his score and perfect his swing by taking advantage of lessons online and in-person to develop the proper technique from the very start.

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