How To Repair Your Xbox 360 Yourself – Your Questions Answered

How To Repair Your Xbox 360 Yourself – Your Questions Answered

The Xbox 360 is well-liked for it’s great games and is infamous for its lack of reliability. The most frequent problem is the 3 red light error or ring of death.

Microsoft has a warranty extending over a three year period that covers this problem. However, some individuals feel that the warranty isn’t the best way to go. They know of other people that have done the repair but they don’t feel up to the task.

The usual questions they might have are:

1.) Do I have the skills?

Are you comfortable using basic tools such as a knife, pliers, and screw driver? Can you execute step by step tutorials? If so, then you got the skills for self repair of your Xbox.

2.) Will I make a mistake that may cause further damage?

I certainly can’t promise that something bad won’t happen. But the crucial idea here is to do the work in a slow and careful manner. If you don’t understand something, then do nothing until you know precisely what to do.

You need to exercise care not to scratch or otherwise do damage to the motherboard. This is possible at certain steps during the repair particularly when taking off the xclamp. A flat head screw driver is needed to take the xclamp off.

You can also cause damage if you try to get creative and improvise. Certain kinds of washers will be used as spacers. Use the exact washers that are required by the guide.

Metal washers that are too big can result in a short circuit. If the guide specifies a nylon washer, do not use a metal one.

Electrical static often damages the motherboard. On very dry days, do your repair in an uncarpeted room.

Make sure that the console is disconnected from the wall outlet. If the work requires the console to be plugged in, be alert and don’t relax too much. Under the right circumstances, 110 volts AC has been known to cause cardiac arrest.

3.) What tools are required?

These would normally include a knife, screw driver, pliers, a Torx screw driver, and various washers and machine screws. You will also need Arctic Silver thermal compound. You can get these items at a hardware store and also online.

4.) Where do I acquire a trustworthy instruction guide?

A number of reliable guides can be ordered over the Internet. Make sure that there are video instructions as well as text instructions with lots of pictures. Video is good for getting to know the basic process while the text instruction can be used as a reference for part numbers and types of tools.

Marc Sandford is a gaming addict and writer. Get Xbox 360 troubleshoot information about fixing the Xbox 360 ROD.

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