How To Fix Xbox 360 – What To Do If You See 3 Flashing Red Lights

How To Fix Xbox 360 – What To Do If You See 3 Flashing Red Lights

Have you come across those 3 flashing red lights on your Xbox 360 and you don’t know what to do? If you are a parent who’s kids love their Xbox 360 or an avid video gamer, this poses a big problem for you because your Xbox 360 cannot be played until those red lights turn green again.

Typically, when someone see’s these 3 red lights for the first time, they assume their Xbox 360 is toast and head to the store to grab another one, which is just a waste of hundreds of dollars because they all have the same problem. Most people assume that the new Xbox 360’s won’t have this problem, but let me tell you, they do.

These seems like all bad news so let me brighten up your mood real quick… those 3 red lights doesn’t mean your Xbox 360 is done for ever, it just simply needs some tune ups!

Now, there are a few ways you can have your Xbox 360 repaired, some which are a little more costly than others and some that are slower, but it sure beats the heck out of paying for a new Xbox!

So how can you get those 3 red lights back o that beautiful green color?

You can send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft to be fixed, but it could still cost you up words of $ 140 and take a minimum of 6-8 weeks and if you’re a serious gamer, or your kids are driving you crazy, 2 months is too long to wait. Your other option, which is what the experts recommend you do, is fix it yourself. Just don’t try any of the “quick fix” options you might find on the Internet like the towel trick, penny trick, or soldering fix as they will cause a lot more damage to your Xbox 360.

The main thing to look for when fixing your Xbox 360 yourself is a good repair guide that has been used by tech pros who have experience with the Xbox 360 game console. Most of them will teach you how to permanently fix your Xbox 360 100% on your own offering real support and in-depth video tutorials showing you step-by-step what to do.

Don’t waste your money on buying a new Xbox 360 only to run into the same problem, and don’t waste your time sending it to Microsoft. You can easily fix your Xbox 360 yourself and it’s what the experts recommend you do.

Click Here for a step-by-step guide on how to permanently fix your Xbox 360 in less than an hour with no technical knowledge and using common house hold tools. This is the best “How To Fix Xbox 360” repair guide available and the only one guaranteed to work.

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