How to download games from

How to download games from

Imagine a website that states to provide all the software and guides which you need, to create backups of your playable games for all your handheld’s and consoles. Is that not a huge claim to make and do they actually do it? Well the answer is of course yes and believe me I am surprise too. Well it is hard to believe that someone would actually take the trouble to put everything together on one site; however has actually done a great job with regards to this.
So what’s in store for you? Well the first thing you do is sign up then pay through a safe, simple and secure mode on the site. Once you are logged in you will see a menu bar with different menu options, console and title picture buttons. Just below that you will see an explanation advising the service available and what needs to be done next.

All tutorials have written elucidation plus additional video directions. In addition the burning software offers some tutorials that have supplementary software needed that can be downloaded using the links supplied inside the tutorial. The tutorials are normally easy and clear to tag on. Videos are for Mac and Win. Some tutorials have photos and screen shots. Screening how the burn procedure works via imgburn.
Okay let’s examination the tutorials.
SONY play station.
There are many places online where one can locate these packages. Try
ps1 -Video just shows how the burn series works. Again, modchips are not required anymore. But if one want them try here: The information come along with the modchip.
ps2- Video illustrates burn procedure with imgburn. No real information. Not really required. Process is identical to ps1.
ps3- Video illustrates burn procedure with imgburn. There are 2 tutorials. One’s for playing ps2 game copies on ps3 by setting up a switch on the PS3, and the added is how for backup PS3 to and to set up Linux on PS3 Games.
Gamecube-Video tutorial is getting updated so is not obtainable at time of writing. The text tutorial illustrates how to burn, backup, and play games on Gamecube by GC Paradox Game Server tool (offered) and a pc. The bit by bit instructions are easy and clear to follow.
Wii-Video illustrates burn procedure with imgburn. Text tutorial illustrates how to burn and make backups to disk. The information is written clearly and the use of numerous screen shots formulates following the channel a breeze. There are links to each software required and a link to homebrew apps.
xbox- tutorial is getting updated so is not obtainable at time of writing. Text tutorials are very comprehensive. It’s a bit difficult to read with a grey background. Links to every hardware and software required are in the text tutorial. There are ample of screen shots to make things easier. This is the most complete tutorial on the site.
Xbox360- First Video illustrates burn process with imgburn. Second video illustrates the backup procedure. Third video is designed for Mac. Text tutorial is easy and clear to read. It clarifies how to burn and backup an xbox360 game.

Extreme Game Copy
is so easy to Follow! You need absolutely no hacking or cracking experience. Just log in and download the software for your console, then follow the video walkthrough!

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