Guitar Hero 3 Review – Features And Tips

Guitar Hero 3 Review – Features And Tips

If you love classic rock or just want to be an aspiring guitar rock star, guitar hero iii for xbox will be a lot of fun. It’s been very difficult to find it for xbox 360 and nintendo wii this december due to the Christmas season rush.

There is both the guitar hero 3 wireless version as well as wired version. The wireless version gives one more freedom to move around but there is also a ten foot cable one can purchase for the wired version to have more ability to jump, dance and rock with the guitar.

Some of the selections include the Rolling Stones Paint it Black as well as Welcome to the Jungle . There are both songs for Baby Boomers as well as recently released rock tunes. There are levels of playing so you start off at easy and as you gain skills advance to the more difficult levels.

Everyone has different taste so there is a range of songs and you can first work on the ones you love the most. The hard level is pretty difficiult so don’t just start there but go in order of the levels to master the skills. I hope they will add Stairway to Heaven in the future as that song truly rocks.

In the wireless version with the Les Paul guitar the face plates are removable and customizable. There are real guitar techniques such as hammer-on notes which are widely used in rock, blues and folk guitar songs.

There are tutorials and you’ll learn about single notes, chords and playing long notes. It stimulates your mind and isn’t a mindless game where you are shooting people or lost in violence. Identifying with rock stars is something we all do often anyway. You have to keep practicing and don’t get discouraged.

Find out more about playing popular rock tunes and Guitar Hero III Xbox 360 . The wireless version is the most recent but the one that is wired has it’s fans for less dropped notes. Read more at

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