Free Search Engine Optimization for Your Business

Free Search Engine Optimization for Your Business

Want to emerge as a successful entrepreneur? Thriving to grow your business? Whether you’re starting a new business or planning to implement online marketing and local search marketing strategies, you’re at the right place at the right time. Nearly 30,000,000 Small businesses are running all over the United States of America. In that, 98% of them are local market based. 50 % of location based businesses still doesn’t have a domain or website to promote their business over the internet. But this Internet era leaves the business with no choice but to seek the help of search engines and social media platforms to march as a profitable enterprise. So there can’t be any hesitation towards starting your online marketing war. This blog shows you the step by step strategies and techniques to promote your business through online media effectively.

Irrespective of any kind of business you own, any sector your business belong, ranging from construction firm to a coffee shop, internet possess complete scope and behaves as a potential platform to promote your business to wide masses. Your journey towards online promotion starts with the below steps…

1. Buy a domain name

Domain name is the identity to reach your business website online. Selecting a domain name is more important. It needs your complete attention but buying it was a easy game. Things need to be considered before registering a domain name.

* Name of the Business
* Type of the Product or Service
* Target location of your business

If you are providing catering services targeting in and around the country San Diego, it is wise decision to include the location in your domain name (example: This will improve your website search presence and helps search engine to prioritize you for that particular location. Keywords in domain name always have some weightage when it comes to Search Engines’ perspective. Just go to a Domain merchants like Go Daddy, Big Rock, Google Domain and follow their simple instructions to purchase your desired domain name.

2. Build an appealing website

Building a website is not a hustle anymore with existence of excellent content management systems like WordPress. Even building e-commerce websites is made easy by the free platforms like Opencart. And there are plenty of other tools and plug-ins which would help you through various aspects of a website. Nowadays there are tools and platforms for designing, managing, promoting and optimizing your website with just few clicks of the mouse. You can also hire an experienced and reputed Web Development company to carry out the overall website building process. Make sure that the following things are included in your website.

* Business Name and Logo
* Products and Services
* Serving Locations
* Offers and Discounts
* Images and Videos of Products and Services
* Testimonials of your customers
* Google Map or Route to your company
* Your Social Media pages
* Descriptive and informative blog about your services and Industry
* Uniqueness and Advantages
* Quality and Original Contents
* Provide Unique titles and description for each pages

(Follow On page SEO guidelines of Google)

Nowadays, customers are becoming cleverer than before because of the internet keeping them informed about the spam websites and less reputed service providers. They also teach the users to compare and review the service provider or seller’s prices, quality, quantity, warranty and guarantee effectively. So being genuine and transparent to user is very important to build trust and reputation for your business over the internet. It always a good idea to showcase all your achievements, highlights and advantages of your product or service in your website.

3. Host it on top server

Now your website is ready but we need to store our data on some space. Don’t we? Now go to any one leading Web Hosting service providers like Blue Host and Host Gator and purchase a suitable and affordable hosting plan. Things you need to consider before purchasing a hosting space are,

* Server Up-time
* Banned IP addresses
* Security & Vulnerability Issues
* On time Service
* Cost for Bandwidth
* Customer Reviews

(Note: Choose the Web Hosting provider with 100 % Server Uptime, no banned IPs and High security)

Great! Now everything is ready. By this time, you must be listed over the internet as one of the fast growing small business owners. OK! What is next? Finding the most perfect Local Search Marketing expert for your business would be the next step for you.

4. Start Your Local Search Marketing

As a business owner you know every single bricks of your company from its start-up day. So you are the perfect local business marketing expert for your business. Nobody can replace you or can be effective like you to promote your website. Believe me or not, following the steps will help you to emerge as one of the competing business online.

Step 1: Submit Your Website to Top Search Engines

Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL are the top Search Engines running all over the world. Google Playing a major role on Local Search Marketing. So give your preference to Google, don’t left others.
You can directly submit your website to Search Engines. Just use the following links.

Include robots.txt and sitemap.xml files. There are numerous simple tutorials to create and add them to your website. Both files are used for allowing and instructing Search Engine bots and spiders to crawl your website pages frequently.

Step 2: Create Local Business Pages

Now you have to list your Business in leading social media platforms by creating unique business pages. Almost every leading social media platforms allow you to create business pages and promotional pages. Start by listing your business on Google Business listings followed by Google Maps Listings and so on.

Things to be included while creating a Social Business Page.

* Full Brand Name
* All Services and Products offered
* Proper or particular Category
* Serving Locations
* Operational Hours
* Linking to your website and social media accounts
* Highlighted the Contact details
* More than one Phone number
* Keywords optimized related to your business
* Descriptive contents about your services

Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest are among the leading social media platforms which lets you to create business listings or pages. Be sure to categorize your website under all necessary categories. Categorization, descriptive contents and frequent updates plays a major role on Business Page ranking. Keep posting updates and information about your business on those created pages regularly.

Step 3: Map Your Business

Google Maps and Wikimapia are the two major map engines which allows you to list your business location to people who are using those mediums to find your product or service. Provide the precise location and contact information of your business on those listings.

* Integrate your business page into Maps
* Choose the proper Category
* Link your website URL
* provide accurate address for communication
* Include more than one contact phone numbers
* Verify your business on time

Embed your verified business map on your website contact page. People are more convenient to the nearest service provider.

Step 4: Social Media optimization

Social media is also an important medium like search engines to promote your website effectively over the internet. So update your business page everyday with attractive and useful posts about own product/service. For example: A local catering company can post their daily menu, special recipes and many other highlights on their own timeline of their pages. They can even share them in social groups that are relevant to their product or service. For example, Groups for Local Places, Food Lovers, Food Guides and etc. Don’t forget to add your menu list, price and Call to action (which mostly will navigates them to your official website home page or contact page).

Step 5: List Your Business on Local Search Engines

Local search engines also have a great impact to generate good business leads and enquiries. List your business in top leading local service listings websites. Following are the most influential Local Business Search Engines / Business Directories in United States.

* Google Business
* Yahoo Local Listings
* Bing Places for Business
* Merchant Circle
* Yellow Pages
* White Pages
* Yellow Book
* YellowBot
* Manta
* CitySearch
* Mapquest
* Foursquare
* Dexknows
* The Business Journals
* Angies List
* Hotfrog
* Kudzu

Step 6: List your business on Top Web Directories

Linking your website to top web directories helps to notify search engine about your presence and popularity effectively. This will help you to gain organic and relevant traffic to your website which could be converted as enquiries or leads. So never fail to list your website on top leading website directories. You don’t have to pay anything to list your business in web directories. In fact, top search engines like Google don’t appreciate paid or unnatural links of a website. But just make sure you’ve listed your business under the appropriate category of your business. There thousand of directories available online but following are the leading web directories.

(Note: You need to use the related sources to avoid penalized by search engines)

* Jayde
* 1webdirectory
* Lii
* Somcuh
* Skoobe
* Netinsert
* Info-listings
* Gimpsy
* Genius Find

All the above mentioned steps and approaches are enough to promote your website. Below are the few points to remember while maintaining the online presence of your business.

* Update your Social Media Pages Everyday
* Allow your customers to share their reviews and feedback on your business
* Respond to queries and doubts of customers without delays
* Circulate the positive feedbacks and reviews of customers in your website and social mediums.
* Maintain a healthy communications with the customers.
* Never fail to provide genuine and useful information on your website.

You are done here. Now you can believe that you found the perfect ideas and strategies for local business marketing. Good Luck! Do the Best of Your Smart Work!

Jenifer Soflous – An Entrepreneur, SEO Analyst, Photographer, Home Chef and Full time Realtor in Dallas and Now Artipot’s Fan.

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