Flash The DVD Drive Of An XBOX 360

Flash The DVD Drive Of An XBOX 360

Your XBox 360 is one of the most powerful and versatile gaming systems ever made. Not only can you play all of your favorite games on this console, but you can also go online for interactive game play, enjoy music and movies and much more besides. Even though the XBox 360 offers a lot of functionality to gamers, there are some limitations imposed by the default settings in these gaming systems.

The main limitation that generates much concern among gamers is the inability to play backup games and other custom games including hacked and homebrew ones. This is a common protection that older consoles utilized to reduce piracy rates and encourage users to buy the original games. Just like how people did it with the other consoles, people took the matter to their own hands and devised methods to bypass these security checks.

Modding the Xbox 360 is the usual way that gamers get around the limitations. All that is required is a mod chip that, although somewhat tricky, can be inserted into the system. It is not all that difficult to do, however if inserted incorrectly, it can result in the system being irrevocably damaged. Some people shy away from putting in a mod chip, though, because they are unsettled by the idea of having to open the console.

Flashing is another method which can get around the limitations imposed by your XBox 360’s default configuration and while you’ll still have to open up your console, you won’t have to do any soldering as you would when installing a mod chip. Flashing involves hacking the firmware of your console to allow your system to play back up copies of games and customized games without taking the risk of modding your console. Flashing isnt necessarily for people trying to play pirated games ” in fact, many people would like to make backup copies of their games to play so that their original copies can stay in good condition and scratch free.

Flashing is normally done by acquiring an XBOX opening kit, which can be bought for cheap in local electronic stores, and using it to open the console. Flashing involves transferring the DVD drive connector to the computer’s SATA port and using a certain firmware tool to flash it via disc. If a SATA port isn’t available, you can get a PCI SATA card instead as long as it bears the VIA6421 chipset. Any other cards aside from VIA or NFORCE will most likely fail.

Before beginning the process, take note of the manufacturer of the drive. It can be Hitachi, Samsung, or Benq and each manufacturer has a different procedure behind the flashing process. The general procedure involves the use of a firmware tool like Dosflash or IXtreme, which is to be used via disc.

If you really don’t want to open your XBOX 360, you can resort to an online service that provides downloadable content that can unlock your XBOX 360 without much effort. Though these services usually require subscription fee, they have the advantage of providing support, tutorials, and updated firmware to ensure your XBOX flashing is safe.

If you want to get around the limitations of your XBox 360, flashing is a good alternative to modding. It’s important to keep in mind that neither of these techniques are free of risk and Microsoft discourages these practices. If your flashing goes well though, you’ll finally be able to play backup copies of your favorite games and custom games; as long as these are legal in your state, flashing your XBox 360 can be a rewarding experience.

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