Explaining Wii Homebrew

Explaining Wii Homebrew

If you haven’t heard of Wii Homebrew and the awesome free Games, I’m going to let you know how with a quick modification you can add a huge amount of new features in a matter of minutes.

What is Homebrew?

Homebrew is new games, applications, and programs that have been developed by either writing new code (game) or improving on an older platform. The best thing about Homebrew is that it isn’t licensed through Nintendo, so you’re able to download literally thousands of new applications and games.

If you want this, you’ll have to unlock your Wii system!

Before, with use of Wii Homebrew 2007 this would require a mod chip. This meant cracking open your Wii and instantly losing your warranty in the process. Now that team Twizzer has created an unlocking program, you don’t have to physically do anything to your console and that means your warranty is kept intact.

Another great benefit of unlocking your Wii with Homebrew is that you can back up your old games with DVD’s, you’ll never have to replace a scratched game again. Just use a store bought, blank DVD. So just place original games in a secure place and play the games from the backed up copies.

You can also play emulators, games that turn your Wii system into literally any console you want from a regular NES, Super Nintendo, Sega, even Atari and many more.

Wow, all of this stuff must be expensive right?

Wrong. Homebrew, the emulators, every thing you need is totally free to download and it’s totally legal, no broken laws to worry about!

The tricky thing is finding the right files and a good guide to help you easily unlock your system to Homebrew. If you miss a single file, forget to load just one of the software files, you can easily break your Wii system.

So, if you never want to replace a game again because of a scratch and you want to play all of the free emulators and Homebrew games out there, then you need to check out HomeBrewGuide.Net. It’s fast, safe and easy! Just check it out! This is the best guide out there, coming with a fully illustrated guide and easy to follow video tutorials, you’ll have homebrew up and running in five minutes or less.

Wii Homebrew – Learn how to softmod your Wii without voiding the warranty! Read also the article on how to softmod a Wii and make DVD playback possible!

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