Do It Yourself Xbox 360 Repair – Frequently Asked Questions

Do It Yourself Xbox 360 Repair – Frequently Asked Questions

The Xbox 360 is a very popular gaming console and is also notorious because of its reliability problems. It’s main problem is the three red light error.

Microsoft has a warranty extending over a three year period that covers this problem. However, some individuals feel that the warranty isn’t the best way to go. They know of other people that have done the repair but they don’t feel up to the task.

Some of the common questions often asked are:

1.) Do I have the ability and skill for this?

Can you use ordinary tools like a flat head screw driver, pliers, and knife? Can you follow clear step by step tutorials? If that describes you, then you have the necessary prerequisites for the job.

2.) Will I make the problem worse or cause even more harm to the console?

There is certainly no way to guarantee that a slip-up will not happen. The main thing is that you should take your time and exercise some care. If at some point, you’re not sure of what you’re doing, then do not take any action until you’re certain what you must do. There is never a good reason to rush though the repair.

Great care must be taken not to scratch or short out the motherboard. At certain points during the repair this is a possibility particularly when taking off the xclamp. You will most likely use a flat head screw driver to remove the xclamp by levering it off.

You can also cause damage if you try to get creative and improvise. Certain kinds of washers will be used as spacers. Use the exact washers that are required by the guide.

A metal washer with too large a diameter may cause an electrical short. If the instructions require a nylon washer, a metal washer should not be used as a substitute.

A static discharge can damage the motherboard. If the weather is dry, repair should be done in a humidified room with no carpet.

Disconnect the console from its power supply. If the instructions require that your Xbox be plugged in, use extreme caution. Under certain conditions, getting shocked by 110 volts AC can stop your heart.

3.) What tools are required?

These would normally include a knife, screw driver, pliers, a Torx screw driver, and various washers and machine screws. You will also need Arctic Silver thermal compound. You can get these items at a hardware store and also online.

4.) How can I find reliable instructions?

There are some quality guides that can be purchased online. There should be video instructions and written text instructions with plenty of illustrations. Video is very good for showing you what to do while the written text is good for filling in details such as the exact parts and tools etc.

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