Crimson Alliance starts in baby steps in fifa 15

Crimson Alliance starts in baby steps in fifa 15

For those looking for a high-quality handheld adventure, which can be played in short-bursts or long, drawn-out sessions, Luigi’s Mansion comes strongly recommended, and you may just find yourself smirking at Luigi’s antics, rather than shrieking at the ghosts and ghouls.For gamers who are into fantasy action RPGs, Certain Affinity has the perfect game for you! Crimson Alliance is the final title to be released in the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade, and boy, is it a cherry-topper to an excellent suite of games! The game has a lot to offer, especially as a downloadable title. If you enjoy dungeon crawlers like Diablo or Torchlight, Crimson Alliance is a definite must-have for your collection.

Byzan, a once thriving empire, fell to ruins when the evil princess Asturi took the throne. Power hungry, she seduced the court’s magus, Zampara, to learn the forbidden dark arts, and imprisoned him once she’d gleaned all of his knowledge. Using her newfound abilities, she rose to unimaginable heights and unleashed chaos upon the world. Asturi became known as the Soul Siren, as she consumed souls to remain young and beautiful. Reigning for centuries, the Soul Siren ruled with terror and death. How or why her reign ended, we’re not told, but it’s said that the Soul Siren’s cult continue to await her return. Crimson Alliance follows an unlikely trio of travellers making their way to the Crimson Empire. What the fates have in store for the three companions, well, you’ll just have to play and see!

The game’s set-up emphasizes multiplayer or cooperative play (up to four players online or locally), but it can be tackled solo as well. Gamers can choose to play as any of the three characters: the Assassin, Mercenary (Warrior type), or Wizard. There isn’t much by way of character customization, as the only things you can really change are their names and their clothing colours. Stats are also preset and will increase as you level up or through equipping certain weapons or armour. Though I generally like to personalize my characters, I enjoyed the fact that I could just pick a character and jump into the game immediately, rather than spending precious minutes to mull over a multitude of character options.

Crimson Alliance starts in baby-steps, letting players explore their surroundings and get accustomed to the controls. The tutorials are spoon-fed to you from shadowy, Death-like avatars, and consist of a pop-up screen that gives basic instructions (like A = dash) that can be read within a minute. As you learn more about the game mechanisms, the stage starts filling in with additional items (such as chests). Furthermore, the loading screens alternate the tutorials as a refresher course. These are the types of teachings that I enjoy, where it’s left to the player to either read or learn by doing.

Like many console dungeon crawlers, Crimson Alliance consists of a series of interconnected levels (not specific missions), that must be fought through sequentially. Although the game lacks a mini-map, the stages are small and easy enough to navigate without it. However, the mini-map would’ve been helpful for directional orientation and to see if there are any areas that you missed. The game certainly encourages you to check out every nook and cranny, as there are ‘secret areas’ in each level that yield plenty of loot and gold. Also, certain levels have class-specific doors, as well as puzzles that require at least two people to complete (in order to get to some of the secret areas).

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