Crimson Alliance is nothing special with fifa 15

Crimson Alliance is nothing special with fifa 15

The multiplayer mode is fair, as the camera doesn’t only focus on Player 1; it seemed that whoever was moving around the most became more of a focal point. Other gameplay mechanics are reasonable, such as healing pots will heal both characters – regardless of who breaks them, and once a character reaches the check-point it drags the other players there too. Additionally, a welcome aspect of multiplayer is that you can revive fallen allies by pulling the Left Trigger (which also helps replenishes their health bar after being resurrected). Having friends along for the ride is all in good fun, especially since you can tackle the two-player puzzles which yield a chest for each character along with gold.

The controls in Crimson Alliance are pretty intuitive and straightforward, making the tutorials almost unnecessary. Through a quick trial and error, players can see what moves are attributed to which buttons, triggers or bumpers. For the more obscure items, such as opening up inventory or using special items, the developers included permanent hints (e.g. RB next to the special items, all of which are mapped to the D-pad). These visual cues also help make the game easy to pick up and play, even for first-timers just jumping into the game.

Visually, Crimson Alliance is nothing special, with the typical rendered graphics. However, what really jumps out is the level design: Each setting looks different, giving you a glimpse of the depths you’ll need to travel as you make your way through a given level. Also, the developers added a lot of detail to the backgrounds, like giant skulls engraved on the stone floors and bloody handprints on the walls, that takes the sinister theme to a new level. I didn’t notice any short-comings, other than some minor graphical glitches. Similar to the settings, the character models for the enemies are varied enough that you never feel like you’re fighting against the same monsters over and over. The bosses can be differentiated by glowing, coloured auras, and their sizes are much bigger than the usual minions.

The game is played using a fixed birds-eye view, which can be frustrating at times, since you can never see beyond where you’re currently at. I found that I would be physically craning my neck, as if I could look beyond the camera’s focus in the game. It gets irritating when you can hear the Wargs growling somewhere, or you see grenades being lobbed at you, but without a direct visual on the monsters. Yet, this stationary view seems to also add to the suspense, because at the same time you never know what you’re walking into.Also adding to the atmosphere are the ominous music and realistic sound effects.

Certain Affinity definitely knows how to build up the tension and raise your adrenaline levels, with the tribal drums thumping indicating that enemies are near, or the eerie music as you slowly make your way through seemingly deserted grounds. It’s during these times that you realize that when you’re exploring truly empty areas there really isn’t any music playing in the background. The sound effects also play a part, giving cues for enemies such as: the threatening growls when the beasts are near or the rapid-fire machine guns blasting at you. Similarly, you’re conditioned to feel a sense of dread and cringe when you hear the battle cries of the Gulyabani Leaders or Shamans (as you learn that there’s never just one in the later levels) or the sizzle of magical fire balls hurtling towards you.

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