Crappie Magazine Reviews

Crappie Magazine Reviews

One of the best resources available to avid fisherman is the wide range of fishing and outdoor magazines available. However, not all magazines are alike. Here are a few of the most popular magazines available.

Field & Stream

Description- Field and Stream is a monthly magazine that was originally launched in 1873 by Charles Hallock. It was first published in New York City. The magazine was known by several named, but picked up the name “Field and Stream” in 1930. Depending on the current season, Field and Stream will change it’s focus from different types of fishing, and then different types of hunting. It is said that Field and Stream is one of the number one reasons that canoeing, canoe camping tours, and environmentalism before popular.

Hunting articles cover all types of game including big game, deer, and birds. Their fishing sections cover all aspects of fishing including freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing.

The annual “Best of the Best” guide, first published in 1998, lists numerous products related to sport of hunting and fishing. Items include ammunition, binoculars, rifles, boots, jackets, all-terrain vehicles, and boats.

A few of the magazines featured sections include the Hunting Question and Answer and The Fishing Question and Answer. This section allows magazines readers to ask questions, which are answered by avid fisherman and professionals. The “Sportsman’s Notebook” is one of the most popular sections, as it provides much needed information and tutorials for the average hunter or fisherman.

Read Reviews – “I have loved the outdoors since I was a small child. I fell in love with hunting and fishing, and I am constantly trying to gain more knowledge. Field and Stream provides stories and articles that not only pertain to what I am interested in, but also help me learn new things through its tutorials and how to articles.” -Cliffton Wayne (High Point, North Carolina) on October 19, 2006.

“I first read Field and Stream when I was very young. My father relied on the magazine back then for information and tips, and I still rely on it today!” – Michael Hindge (Yorktown, Virginia) on December 11, 2005.

Outdoor Life

Description – Outdoor life was first published by Time4Media (a division of Time Inc) in 1898. Outdoor life focuses on al types of outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, boating, and wildlife conservation. Outdoor life is sometimes called the number one guide for anything related to outdoors.

Outdoor Life allows it readers to submit photos, stories, articles, reports, and tips for publishing. You will enjoy reading others stories about their experiences while being able to obtain further knowledge from their expert writers and columnists.

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