Content Strategy Begins With An Actual Strategy

Content Strategy Begins With An Actual Strategy

It appears that a lot of sites would be at a disadvantage regarding content development. Informational sites create wonders at putting out pages of articles, blog posts, tips and tutorials. However, there would be a drawback for the commercial sites. But we do think commercial sites are participating in this anyway.

Sadly, a lot of SEOs would be up against a mindset from e-commerce site owners that content would just be an annoyance compared to a help. They wish for rankings but do not want to make the content that is needed to land them there. They do not want to make articles, post on blogs, tups, how-to’s tutorials or videos, simply because it would take time.

Why would we perform all of this when we may just hire an SEO to do whatever they perform to acquire search engine rankings.

Because this is what we perform. Or at least, it would be what we do when we are offered freedom plus a budget to perform with. Businesses would not want to acquire time to perform all of these things as they do not have time plus do not know how to perform in a correct manner. However it also takes time for SEOs to perform it, notably if you want them to perform it accordingly.

Make a Strategy for Doing Great Content

Each good piece of content would begin with a strategy. Rather, it would begin with an idea of a strategy. A couple of ideas would be better compared to others, and each would serve a different substance. Content strategy would be more than just doing writing about what you know; it would be spotting topics you could write about that would also give value to readers plus drive traffic and clients to the site.

Strategy would also entail how, when plus where the content will be published. Blogs would be awesome publishing platforms, however some content would be better placed elsewhere–probably on you site or another site. Either way, you would need to think well about each piece of content in order that it may be published at the right time on the accepted platform.

Perform Due Diligence Being Part of Your Content Development

Before you take the idea plus turn it into written or spoken word, you may have to perform some diligence. Should you be writing about the ten best amusement parks in the country, you will have to find out the ten which are the best ones. It may be subjective, but you could not just make a guessing game out of this.

You would need to set criteria for the rating and research each park for such criteria.

Some other pieces of content would need interviews, soliciting opinions, plus a companion video piece.

These would all be thinks you need to ponder on for the stage of development. The better prepared you appear, the better each content piece will appear to be.

Write, Proof, Plus Publish Your Content

There would be more to writing a blog post than only writing a blog post. Any great writer would inform you that all the articles, tips, blog posts, videos and tutorials would need some thought to show the message in a proper manner for readers and the company.

Yes, things which include sentence structure, use of paragraphs, headings, plus linear thought would be significant. You need to keep in mind all the things you ignored before in school, as it would matter here.

After creating the content, take time away from it. Take a couple of hours or days to let the article rest. This time would allow you to come back to it using fresher eyes. You would often find upon re reading that a point that you wanted to make would not come across as you wanted. Or a joke you regarded as funny stank big time. Nice proofreading will aid your article by placing in more thoughts that were not present in the earlier draft. Or probably just put in better jokes.

In the long run, make sure you embellish your content with the related keywords for your subject. Use keyword research tools as sources. KeywordSpy, for instance would give you Similar, Related and Misspelled Keywords which would relate to your topics once you enter the concerned term in the search bar.

Make an Effective Socialization of the Content

Socializing content would not be as easy as publishing a 140-character summary for Twitter. As a matter of fact, good social media marketing commences before the article is written. This is because you have to have a strong social media presence if you wish an article to do well.

Not all articles have to be socialized in the same manner. Yes you may use Twitter to state every article, blog post, tip, how-to video plus tutorial you construct, however that would be the beginning compared to the end of the social media efforts. Which would take us back to strategy.

Nice content would begin and end with a nice content marketing strategy. Could anyone perform it? Sure can. Will the employee who already does a full time job have the ability to go about it? Most probably. However, if you really would like the content to succeed, you have to be sure the entire content strategy would be made for success, not just designed as an instant thought.

Peter Zmijewski provides step-by-step guidance with comprehensive resource book about the secrets of making millions over the internet for online business. He is also the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.

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