Be Your Own Technician By Doing Your Own Xbox 360 Repair

Be Your Own Technician By Doing Your Own Xbox 360 Repair

You are having a good time with your Xbox and with just few seconds away from finishing your game when suddenly the dreaded Red Ring of Death started flashing. Then that was the end of your game and possible the end of your console. The “Red Ring of Death” is a common problem for Xbox 360 that needs immediate attention. The best way to fix this dilemma is to bring it back to where you bought it but that is if it is still covered by its warranty. If not then you have to shell out some money and find a person who can fix your console. Fortunately, now that there are online tutorials that will actually teach you to repair electronics including game consoles, the internet is also having tutorials on Xbox 360 repair. Accordingly, one of the most common methods in resolving the Red Ring of Death is using the towel trick. The procedure is simple and you just need to turn the Xbox’s power off, remove the game CD and unplug the network cable while leaving the power cord open. After about few seconds, turn the power on again and have the game box wrapped in 3 or more towels.

The concept behind this trick is to heat the game box so that the soldering which attaches the board together will melt and bring back the connection. Doing this thing can probably help because it was thought that what causes the Red Rings are loosening of the computer board that it needs to be retightened again. However, even though this trick is one of the oldest tricks ever, some say that this will only create more damage to the game console especially if it is done repeatedly.

Another method for Xbox 360 repair is a little tedious but more effective than the towel trick. The first thing you have to do is removing the heatsinks of the game console by taking off the two x-shaped clamps that holds the motherboard. These x-clamps should be carefully taken off by using a wrench or a ΒΌ nut driver. Once the heatsinks are removed, all the other parts should be separated from the metal case and the motherboard placed in a clean place. Use a metal scrubber to remove all of the thermal junks on the heatsinks. After everything has been cleaned, make 8 screw holes on spots where the original x-clamps are positioned and push a 3/16 drill equipped with a drill press to re-hole the holes. If you do not have this kind of drill you can also use a hand drill to make the holes bigger. In using the hand drill though, a block of wood should be placed beneath each hole to make sure that the metal case would not be harmed or warp.

After drilling, put the screws back and tighten them slowly. Remember that the four holes on the left side of the game board are for the GPU screws while the holes on the right are for the screws of the CPU. Recommended screws to use are 5x20MM and 5×15 Panhead Machine Screws and you can buy them in any hardware. Reinstall the screws on their respective places and make sure that they are not too tight or too loose. After the screws have been screwed completely, it is time to put back the heatsinks. Also before placing back all the components together, be sure that the shiny silver things found in the CPU and GPU should be wrapped with thin thermal paste first to avoid loosening. Afterwards, try checking if the repair works by plugging it on the AV power cable and plugging the console on the RF board.

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