Astropup Review: Space Adventure to find a way back home

Astropup Review: Space Adventure to find a way back home

Original but challenging puzzles are enjoyable and are always welcomed but never arising spontaneously; with some extraordinary realistic environments; intriguing storyline that nicely ties all elements together. With a captivating story, interactive action, challenging but engaging puzzles, Astropup is a welcome addition to the collection of action-puzzle games for Android and iOS.


Although many research institutes and astronauts may have find it difficult to explore the galaxies for years, but mankind was always curious about the existence of aliens.

Are we alone? Are there any other life forms out there? Are they watching us? These questions created a curiosity in the mind of this pup, A pup also tried to find out these answers with his by invading the space ruled by the aliens.

The game opens with a deep space exploration vessel being shot down by an alien fleet. The ship is damaged beyond repair, so the astronauts lash together a mini spaceship with a gravity generator. They put their heroic pet puppy into it and send him to warn Earth. He has to valiantly negotiate black holes, radiation, space anomalies and the dastardly alien fleet, using nothing but a limited gravity booster pack to slingshot him to the next space gate. If he gets there ahead of the fleet he can activate Earth’s solar system defences.

Astropup is a challenging puzzle game with a great sci-fi plot and you will be more than vibrant with what Astropup has to offer. It is a fascinating trip, full of suspense and peppered with the occasional bursts of action. It’s very well balanced in terms of difficulty too. The developers and designers have worked hard to unfold the story at times, and the tutorials are good to clear the concept of the gameplay.


Now about the gameplay of Astropup, players assume the role of a heroic pup to get set on a dangerous and risky adventure. Everything in the game is controlled by single tap, tap on the screen to direct the Astropup from one place to another, tap to interact with the power-ups, tap-tap-tap all the way.

The interface of the game and control scheme are fairly simple to understand. While it’s great that the controls are that simple, they do seem a bit tricky at times. As you are using nothing but a limited gravity booster pack to slingshot him to the next space gate, you need to be quick in switching from one place to another and keep the gravity level up. It’s not something a player looks for in a casual game.

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