animation school in delhi, 3d animation school in delhi, 3d animation institute in delhi

animation school in delhi, 3d animation school in delhi, 3d animation institute in delhi

Information about Animation industry
What is Animation
Animation is a fast-emerging high-paying career option. If you want to be an animator, you need exhaustive training in 2D or 3D animation. By the animation program you will get specialization in creating animation characters, creating 2D/3D characters, special visual effects, video game programming, and game art and much more. The basic requisite is for become an animator you should have outstanding creative and artistic abilities such as talent for drawing, sketching or caricaturing.

On the completion of course various opportunities are available like:. Cartoon animation, film animation, advertising, gaming, special effects are only some of the examples that open up once you complete animation training.
Eligibility for Animation Courses

For becoming a professional animator you don’t need to have excellent academic qualification to become an animator, only you should have creative bent of mind and an artistic inclination.
Software used in Animation
Maya is the most common animation software used for making animated films. Maya is a complex but tremendously powerful device. Students will have a nice learning curve with it. Maya animation software is also one of the most expensive. The interface is user friendly but it is compactly populated.

3DS Max is simpler animation software by comparison. It is mainly used for the gaming industry although not limited to. The action film “Lost in Space” was made completely with 3DS Max. Career in Animation
If you want to make career in animation, so it requires strong artistic talents and should be well versed familiarity with the latest in computer animation technologies. In animation industry the ability is also requires to change creative thoughts into compelling images, using them successfully communicate an idea. Is animation field appropriate for you? Could you be an animator?
There are a various career opportunities available for animators. We always take animators as the professional artists who create the cartoons which we love most, either it’s in form of film or movies. Animators mainly work in these areas, but several animators are employed creating animated graphics for a variety of projects.
This can include websites, online advertisements and video games. Animators can search jobs in full-time employment with movie/television production companies, with advertisers, web design companies, video game companies or with animation firms. For animators free lancing work is another option especially for those who are specialist in web animation. There are several institutes offering number of animation courses and associated technologies, but Post Production Institute is well established institute offers animation courses, as well as get prepared a strong portfolio of their work which our training will help you to develop, it is an necessary thing of find a job in computer animation and becoming an animator. At Post Production Institute we train our students and get prepared their portfolios, it will help them to getting a job.
These are some fields where an animator can join:

* Entertainment (movies and television)
* Business (product promotions and marketing demos)
* Sales (presentations)
* Education (Computer Based Tutorials/Web Based Tutorials)
* Publishing (graphics and printing)
* Virtual reality in Defense
* Web designing
* Engineering
* Advertising (commercials and print ads)
* Fashion/interior designing
* Creation of computer games and mobile games
* Medical, legal and insurance industry (presentations and models)
* Studios and training institutes

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