Animation companies in India | 2D Animation | 3D animation

Animation companies in India | 2D Animation | 3D animation

About Company:
Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions is an India based e-learning company. It was founded in November, 2010.
It provides end-to-end e-Learning services and specialize in the innovative use of technology. We work with strong focus on creating custom learning courses for cost effective prices without compromising on quality. We emphasis on understanding and analyzing the needs of our client and then providing solutions that are cost-effective in the long run. We have the ability to manage large and complex projects without slipping on delivery deadlines.
Our applications have been used on a large scale by hundreds of thousands of learners. DP has designed and developed products for educational institutes, publishing houses, and corporate organizations.
Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions have highly skilled designers, programmers, animators and developers, etc. So we feel like we are strong enough to share our skills to others in form of multimedia tutorials. We are doing it for more than one year. Our tutorials are used worldwide and we feel pride for that.

E-learning Courses:
Dynamic pixel multimedia solutions are majorly known as an e-learning firm. We posses both specialization and passion for e-learning. It is on our highest priority. Whoever you are? A business firm, a dealer, a teacher, a instructor, etc. If you are looking for an e-learning solution. We got you back!
Our E-learning courses are tailor-made by our experts. Keeping an explorer’s attitude in mind, Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions successfully achieved expertise in every domain of e-learning like k-12 project, e-books, 2D animation, 3D animation, corporate training projects, localization projects, info-graphics, custom learning, game based learning, rapid authoring, mobile learning, ILT (Instructor Led Training), tutorials etc. Corporate training, gaming, interactive modules, etc, whatever the type is, We do it!

Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions has its own diversity. Our team members belong to different cultures and languages, still we possess an oneness. It’s a both personal and professional plus point for us. We connect different people and their language. We bring customized things to specific people
Our multiple language proficiency’s makes us strong enough to localize anything to any other language for our dearly respective learners. Our developers could easily translate the module to any language you demand. We serve for both local and international languages.
Custom Learning
Custom learning has following benefits. Most of them are as same as other e-learning courses. Firstly, it is tailor made for you. You can decide what stuff you want in it and what you do not want? Secondly, It focuses on each individual specifically. Thirdly, it is much more reliable than common e learning course.
Dynamic pixel multimedia solutions have took e-learning to next level by creating multiple uses customized e-learning courses. Our programmers and instructional designers plan and implement the course as per the client’s requirement. We hear what client says, we understand what the clients demands? And that is what he actually gets from us. That’s why our clients are always satisfied and happy. Moreover, we are happy to serve.
Mobile Learning
Mobile learning refers to a sub set of e-learning. It focuses on learning with mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Mobile learning technologies include devices such as notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and tablets. The basic idea of mobile learning is to make a portable and enhanced way of learning.
Being a subset of e-learning, mobile learning would always be specialty of Dynamic pixel Multimedia solutions. We are very much into what the client and target learners want? We have the technical knowledge respective to mobile platforms. So we are good at that.

An e-book or electronic book is referred to a book in a digital form. It includes text, images or both. This is the most common form of e-learning published on electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. Adobe adopted e-books by its .PDF format, and other open source formats such as HTML, XHTML, epub, and SWF.
E-books have more availability than traditional textbooks. It is also cheaper in price and highly mobile. It can be easily shared, copied or transferable.
Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions has a separate department for e-books who specialists in e-books for Flash and HTML platform.
Dynamic pixel multimedia solutions have animators who are expert in cell animation and 3d animation. Cell animation is considered to be the hardest animation. Therefore it’s easier for us to work on other types of animations. Our animations are liked and appreciated universally. You can have a look at our gallery.
Animation conducted without volume is 2d animation. Earliest method of 2d animation is cell animation. Cell animation is carried out by sketching each frame for the whole movement specifically on a paper. Then all those sequential sketches are scanned or photographed and played continuously. But cell animation was quiet hard and very costly. So the technology created some of its substitute which were easier to perform and with low costs. These are computer oriented 2d animation with some digital formats such as analog computer animation, Flash animation, PowerPoint animation and animated GIFs.

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