Alliance Leveling Guide – Discover How the Elite WoW Players Dominate

Alliance Leveling Guide – Discover How the Elite WoW Players Dominate

Did you know that even if you’re a World of Warcraft newbie you can reach level 80 in no more than 7 days? It’s hard to believe I know. When I started playing way back when it took me nearly two months to get to level 60 and I was pretty good. But now, with a top notch alliance leveling guide, you don’t have to waste all that time getting where you want to go.

If you’ve played WOW, or talked to anyone who has, you know that the most difficult part of the game is getting started. It’s a complex game. To help you out, I’m going to give you some tips in this article that will help you level your character at a faster pace. That way, you can get into really enjoying the game easier and more quickly.

There are certain add-ons that you are definitely going to want to use. First up is Cartographer. It shows a full map in great detail which is incredibly helpful. CooldownTimers3 is also very helpful in managing spells and enhances skill levels. Another handy add-on is qComment. It will allow you to tap into the forum for additional help.

Making the most of potions and foods is very important and should be used whenever possible. They are designed to improve the performance of your character and should be taken advantage of whenever possible. Many players make the mistake of overlooking potions and foods… don’t be one of them.

Macros are valuable for efficiently killing mobs. Macros involve using combinations of commands and can be a bit tricky. And once you get the hang of them you will see how incredibly powerful they truly are. Master the macros and you are well on your way to dominating the game of World of Warcraft.

You also want to choose wisely when it comes to selecting a PvE leveling spec. A quality alliance leveling guide will present this important questing information for any class available. You want to inflict damage as opposed to going on the defensive and you should always be looking to improve your AoE performance if in fact your character has them.

When choosing quest rewards go for the gear that can inflict the most damage possible. The whole idea is to be a killing machine and to do it as quickly as you can. While it is tempting to buy new gear you must resist the temptation. To level up your character fast the average gear provided, with some enhancements, is more than adequate.

By using an alliance leveling guide and following the tips provided in this article you will be well on your way to level 80. A leveling guide will not only describe the action you should be taking step by step, but the really good ones provide on-screen instruction and tutorials that will help you to quickly become proficient as you further develop your World of Warcraft skills.

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