Agent Alice Cheats to Solve All Mysteries

Agent Alice Cheats to Solve All Mysteries

Agent Alice is an amazing well done hidden object mystery solving puzzle game in mobile game marketing that makes us think about another great title when playing it, the criminal case, which is with a great story and amazing graphics, this one’s a title you certainly love playing and now since you’re here, you might also want to check out some Agent Alice cheats and tips that will help you solve all mysteries and improve your star collecting rates.

Use clues to your advantage
Usually, when you start playing a new scene of Agent Alice game–one that you don’t know much about anyway–you will find clues. When you do that, the timer freezes and if you know at least one or two of the other items that you need to find, you can use that to your own advantage: spend your time to scour the scene and find the objects you need and only afterwards tap the screen to keep on playing!

The time lapse cheat
Some players have reported that they can fill up their energy bars by using the time lapse cheat: go to your device’s settings and set the time forward by 60 minutes, which should give you about 30 energy for free. We’re not recommending to use this method though: if it works, the developers might find ways to heavily penalize you for this.

Always go for the highest possible score
High scores are obtained by a combination of quick movement to find the objects, finding objects one after another before the timer runs out (combos) and completing the level as fast as possible. Even if you are just a few thousand points from unlocking your next star, you should still do your best for a perfect score because any extra points will be carried towards your next star, so the more you have, the fewer replays you need in order to get the stars!

Always start the timed investigations first
If you have to choose between multiple types of investigations, always go for the ones that have a timer going with them: this way, while you are playing for more stars, the time is ticking and you won’t have to wait afterwards when you have nothing to do.

Complete the minigames as fast as possible
Stay focused when it comes to the minigames and look at the tutorials to know exactly what you are supposed to do: the faster you complete them, the more energy you will be rewarded with upon completion. Try to never get anything under 12-13 energy per minigame!

Buy the larger packs
You can easily play the game without spending a single penny if you are patient enough–but if you are not, you should always purchase the largest cash pack you can afford because that offers the best value per dollar. The second pack, for example, gives you 10 free cash, while the most expensive one gives you a whooping 600 Cash for free. Just don’t overspend–you can really play the game at a slower pace completely free of charge!

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