A Review Of The Forex Broker eToro.

A Review Of The Forex Broker eToro.

The Forex marketplace is very exciting with over $ 3 trillion traded all over the world daily. However, if you are going to trade you need a good solid trading strategy that you execute with discipline, and a good broker.

Today were are looking at eToro. They are an online forex broker, who began because they wanted to let ordinary people trade like the pros.

If you are new to trading Forex then you will love the eToro platform, which is set up like an interactive gaming platform. It’s very easy and also a lot of fun. There are plenty of videos to take you through every step.

As you gain experience or for seasoned traders, there is a professional mode which continues to have the same functionality, but without the game like experience.

The spreads at eToro go down to 2 pips which is extremely competitive in the industry. Pips are basically the cost of trading, the difference between the bid and ask price. Many brokers will charge 5 pips as a standard. If you trade frequently this can become very expensive and eat into profits.

They also have a very reliable platform, which is essential. Many brokers in the industry also experience ‘slippage’ or re-quoting, which means that a trader cannot buy or sell at the price they want and have to be re-quoted at a less advantageous price.

The service teams at eToro are around all day everyday to deal with customer queries and issues. There is also a great forum to bounce thoughts and ideas around.

Traders can also make use of the full tutorials and training materials to greater develop their technical and fundamental knowledge. There are also free practice accounts. These are invaluable for learning.

Traders can start their first real money trades with as little as $ 50. This means that traders only ever have to start trading with what they can afford to lose, which is very important.

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