2Xbox 360 Freezes

2Xbox 360 Freezes

You are inside a car game, shifting and pulling the gears and pressing the accelerator pushing the car further and further towards the finish line, and you get to see the finish line and you also see icons following you in mini map, and as you are about cross the line your 2 Xbox 360 freezes. If this has been the issue with you and your Xbox lately, then hopefully we need to talk. So we thought of bringing this article in order to help you out with your problem.

If your Xbox is bought very recently and there are some symptoms being shown like your 2 Xbox 360 freezes at any random point; it means that the game gets stuck, the input does not work neither will the outlines. In other case, you might get few lights blinking or else an error message displayed on the screen. If this is the case, then the problem might be something other than the freezing thing. Your console has good chances of freezing at any time. Microsoft gave a contract to the DVD assemblers who have almost manufactured and installed up to 1/3 total disc drives that are currently being used by many people. Thus if at all your drive is behaving awkwardly and you are not able to keep consistency in the play, then probably your Xbox belongs to the 1/3 rd of those other Xbox. Just call up Microsoft customer care service and mention your Xbox ID and they’d let you know what to do. And inform them where exactly your 2 Xbox 360 freezes.

So you are saying that your console is quite old and it might not be probably the drive issue. Watch whether you are using the Xbox console over a bed, couch or a sofa. If at all you are doing so, you are killing it is already death prone ventilation system. With a view of giving the console a sleek look, the developers of the console have crammed inside all the hardware components they can. If changing of the spot is not working out then probably you will have to do heat sink job. Open the screws from behind the console, and remove the latch and the back plate. Carefully remove the fan and also the motherboard. Thus, you would see two chips, one CPU and the other GPU, take some heat sink and apply a little on both the processors. Carefully put everything back in place, and tighten the screws. You must make sure that the heat sink is properly seated over the chips.

Before you get your hands on to removing the back plate and the motherboard of the Xbox system, its better if you’d see the video tutorials or read the online articles which could give you much more idea. Most of the simplest problems can be easily be fixed. Hope we made a difference in your Xbox life. This article would be a sure help when next time your 2 Xbox 360 freezes.

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